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recent cyber skirmishes in China

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) draws attention to recent official and unofficial (?) attacks on Chinese news and human rights websites:

  1. The Shanghai Information Bureau closed the literary forum Zhongguo Dangdai Shige Luntan. An employee of the hosting server commented in an interview: “All articles relating to politics, the Falungong movement or those critical of the party, that are longer than two pages, are deleted. In general, that’s how it happens. If the news posted is more frightening, we then close the forum.”
  2. Access to the human rights website was obstructed by apparently independent hackers. The activist in charge of the site expressed skepticism that the attack was purely unofficial: “This kind of event can only happen if our articles irritate certain people. It remains to be known who was irritated by our editorial policy.”
  3. Cyber-dissidents Guo Qizhen and Zhu Yufu were jailed in unrelated proceedings for four and two years, respectively. They were charged with ‘subversion’.

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