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John Robb on open source warfare

From the Blog of the Swiss International Relations and Security Network, John Robb of Global Guerillas talks open source warfare at the Council on Foreign Relations. For those of you who don’t have time to read his book, this is an excellent way to become acquainted with his theories.

Incidentally, John has just announced his intention to slow down posting over the summer. An excellent time for us to step up our analysis in his stead.

One Response to “John Robb on open source warfare”

  1. To John Robb:
    John, I have had a couple of emails from Dr Nicholas Hagger.
    He now has your book, is reading it and would like to communicate (and
    possibly collaborate) with you.
    He and I concur that the US national debt will eventually be rolled over
    into the Global Economy in much the same manner that the individual
    States’ massive debts after the Revolutionary War were transferred by
    Hamilton into the new Federal Government.
    Much Regards,

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