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Putin Youth behind cyberwar?

Via Ars Technica, an Estonian-language website [] claims that the Putin-allied Russian youth movement Nashi was behind the cyberattack on Estonia.

Though highly speculative, given the globally dispersed botnets used to overload Estonia’s internet architecture, the allegations are supported by demonstrations staged by Nashi in front of the Estonian consulate in Moscow in late April, forcing its closure due to perceived security risks. Both the demonstrations and the cyberattack were responses to Estonia’s relocation of a Russian war monument.

Estonia indicates that cyberskirmishes may work well as political theatre. As a network analyst recently opined in an interview with,

People will probably look at this and say, “That works. I think we’re going to continue to do this kind of thing.” Depending on the target within the government, it could be very visible, or it could not be very visible.

Countries and corporations should probably expect increased incidence of cyberwarfare as more people are connected to the network society and choose to express themselves politically through networks.

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