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china upgrading

The U.S. Defense Department released a report assessing China’s military capability, concluding that “The People’s Liberation Army is pursuing comprehensive transformation from a mass army designed for protracted wars of attrition on its territory to one capable of fighting and winning short-duration, high-intensity conflicts against high-tech adversaries.” This follows the news earlier this year of China’s successful anti-satellite missile testing.

A major component of China’s military development: Cyberwarfare, including a virus-writing program. Informational assaults are reportedly being interwoven with wider military training exercises in China.

The state news organ People’s Daily has decried the DoD report as inflammatory and exaggerated, although the government has given no official response.

Given U.S. military contingency planning for an invasion of Taiwan, and China’s apparent cyberwarfare development for just such an assault, could World War E spread to the South China Sea?

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